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3d Printing: The Perfect Side Hustle

So you want to make money online with a side hustle. You’re not alone.

Starting your 3D Printing Business

Hi my name is nikko, and I want to help you make money with your 3d printer. When I first started 3d printing, it was just for a hobby. I wanted to make cool stuff like toys for my kids, movie props, statues, etc. Soon after I got my 3d printer, the same thought that came through your head came through mine: can I make money with this machine? The answer is yes. Because you’re right, the machine can make the COOLEST things and you can SELL THEM for such a high profit. It takes so little to make it, and the mark up for profit is crazy! You can print a toy, vase, design, office knick knack, wedding favor, anything you want and make HUGE profits form it! In my first year of business, I made $50,000 in revenue. Then in my second year of business I doubled that revenue to over $100,000. And now, in my third year of business, I’m on pace to double that again.

Actual Revenue Reports
Actual Revenue Reports
Actual Revenue Reports

I’m not telling you this to brag, but I’m telling you this so you know that I’m not full of it and that I know what I’m talking about. Now, here’s a quick disclaimer: THESE RESULTS ARE NOT TYPICAL. You can have less, or better results from my course. The numbers shown are my ACTUAL NUMBERS, and by no means directly reflect what YOU’LL make with my course. Several factors such as current economic environment, hard work, luck, location, and other factors may affect your results.


But I CAN tell you that it’s VERY VERY possible to get these results because I’VE DONE IT, and YOU CAN TOO. You can make $500-$10,000 a month just 3d printing and selling the prints. And my course will show you how.

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