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How To Make Money With Your 3d Printer

5 Ways to Make Money With 3d Printing

So you got a 3d printer. You’ve played with it and you’ve a few things with it. If you’re anything like all of us, the thought of making money from your prints crossed your mind. So how do you make money with 3d printing?

Here’s 5 things you can do to start your 3d printing business

  • If you’re a designer sell files-if you’ve used zbrush, maya, solidworks, etc. you can sell the stl files of your designs. Whether it be toys, vases, dice, minatures, statues, etc. it doesn’t matter. You can start selling your digital products. There are a lot of platforms you can sell on. CGTrader, Gambody, myminifactory, or even Etsy etc. These platofrms however have a 20% cut! That’s pretty significant. You can always start your own store too.
    • Create an invention/prototype- do you have an idea to save the world, or just solve a problem? Maybe it’s a medical device that someone desperately needs. Or a small part that can drastically improve a car or another machine. You can create a prototype for yourself or for others. Its cheap to make and that’s why people prefer to just do 3d printing rather than the normal means. It’s far easier to make than getting a $10k injection mold and have it not work. You can create different iterations and fix them on the fly much easier and it’s much more efficient.
    • Start a print service- you can list your printer as a print service. There are people who are interested in what your machine can make. You can go to dentists, architects, manufacturing plants, etc and they’ll have something you can make for them. I believe you can also list your machines on shapeways and you can get clients via that way. I’ve never use them, but I’ve heard that you can make money this way.
    • Start an Etsy store- this is the most popular, and easiest one to get in to. You can make anything your mind can imagine. Which means, you’r eonly limited by your imagination. What do you want to sell? What do you want to make? Dice? Dice towers? Plant pots? Cell phone cases? Statues? You can literally start an etsy store making anything you want. I know people making tens of thousands, YES tens of thousands printing cookie cutters. I know someone who also made 30k in a month selling dice towers. So what will you make?
    • Start a blog- if you don’t want to sell anything, you can always just start writing about this newfound passion of yours. Help people make decisions with purchases. Do how-to articles on how to do things, fixing things, etc. there’s a ton of opportunity to create something here. Some blogs can make upwards of $1000-$10000 a month. You can make money with ad placements, affiliate commissions, and free stuff.
    • BONUS- start a youtube channel! Did you know youtube is the second largest search engine in the world? Everyone on youtube is looking for information on how to do things. Create a how-to channel with 3d printing and teach people how to fix, upgrade, troubleshoot. YouTube pays you when you’re able to monetize your videos with ads. Couple this with your blog and you’ll have MULTIPLE avenues of income.

So there you have it! There’s 5 things you can do to start your 3d printing business. If you want to learn more go to www.3dprintedprofits.com and download the free niche selection guide and my how to video on how to start your own 3d printing business

April 14, 2020

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