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3D Printed Profits Full Course


Courses Included

Learn how to setup and start your own 3D Printing business!

Lesson 1: Finding your Niche
Lesson 2: Which Printer to get, and where to get it
Lesson 3: Which Filament to get and where to get it
Lesson 4: Picking your Platform
Lesson 5: How to setup your 3D Printer
Lesson 6: 3D Printing Slicer
Lesson 7: Let’s Print Something
Lesson 8: Tools you Need
Lesson 9: Decide what you want to make
Lesson 10: Designing your product
Lesson 11 – Part 1: Pros and Cons of Esty
Lesson 11 – Part 2: What you can VS What you should sell on Etsy
Lesson 11 – Part 3: Shop Manager Tour
Lesson 11 – Part 4: How to set up your store
Lesson 11 – Part 5: Making an Etsy Listing
Lesson 11 – Part 6: Packaging and shipping
Lesson 11 – Part 7: Customer Support and Reviews
Lesson 11 – Part 8: Higher Profit Margins
Lesson 12: Building your own Website
Lesson 13: No money marketing – Selling your products
Lesson 14: Growing your tribe
Lesson 15: Leveraging your assets
Lesson 16: Philosophy and Mindset
Lesson 17: Advanced Manufacturing for higher profitability
Lesson 18: Instagram Marketing
Lesson 19: Working with other creators for growth

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